Meet the Gang!

Our dogs are so easy to train!  They are lovable, affectionate, smart and beautiful!  Just ask the trainers for the movie three of ours were in.  They called our Max the superstar as he was so willing to please and loved people!

Lilly, below, the mother of the celebrity puppies and new litter just in time for Christmas!

DSCF6048.jpg DSCF6048

She has been trained by our 9 year old daughter and received Reserve Champion in obedience her first year, champion in showmanship in novice and junior and reserve in intermediate!  She also placed in the top ten at the Indiana State Fair for obedience and showmanship!


This is Shasta above and below, a winner in obedience 3 years in a row!  She also won first place at the Indiana State Fair in obedience and placed fifth in showmanship this year!  My twelve year old son has trained her himself for all four years of her life.

Here is Max, below, our very own celebrity puppy at around 7 months old.  He played the Hope and Jingle characters in Santa Paws 2.  I think he needs some shades!  He also received first place in obedience.

As you can see, they are such gentle giants!  Little baby boy loved to sit on Shasta's head, and she just kept on sleeping!