This is Maximus.  He along with 2 of his brothers and sisters went to Canada last year to star in an upcoming movie, Santa Paws 2, which came out November 20, 2012!

We have a small farm in Indiana with goats, chickens, horses, pigs and of course, Great Pyrenees!  We only have one mother Great Pyrenees, so our puppies get plenty of attention from our five children!

Come and take a look at these gentle giants.  We have been raising Great Pyrs for 8 years and our children have been showing them in 4-H for several years.  Our Pyrs have excellent temperaments, are very trainable and beautiful! 

One of the trainers for this movie stated that our puppies are one of the most happy and affectionate puppies they have ever dealt with!

Here are our celebrity pups from the movie!

Feel free to take a look around!